What Is The Best Cookware Made Of? 

What is the best cookware made of?

Best bakeware?


High heat conductivity makes aluminum the top cookware when it comes to fast, even cooking and energy efficiency. It's very affordable, which makes aluminum a popular choice with consumers and chefs alike. Aluminum is a lightweight and porous material that will stain when brought in contact with high heat or deep-colored foods.

Total Nonstick

This type of finish doesn't try to hide its age, but it's great for those on a budget who want basic, easy-to-clean cookware. To keep nonstick cookware working at its best, wash by hand and dry with a scratch-free cloth.

Porcelain Enamel

Like to make a statement with your cookware? Try porcelain. Its vivid colors allow you to express yourself as a cook and be stylish at the same time! Porcelain handles like a dream: it's easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and resists chips, scratches and stains. Make sure you purchase high-quality porcelain enamel cookware if you want the finish to maintain its like-new beauty.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the natural beauty of the cookware world. So if you want cookware that can take rough handling, is dishwasher safe, remains scratch and chip free, and looks shiny bright - stainless steel is the choice for you. It conducts heat most efficiently when it has an aluminum- or copper-clad bottom. It keeps its original color best when not exposed to extreme heat levels.

Hard Anodized

If you want to make an investment that will last you a lifetime, this exterior finish is the choice for you. Hard anodized aluminum is the most durable-and hard-of all the materials used in cookware. This type of aluminum is actually transformed into a material that is stronger than steel, and it's also scratch and chip resistant. Its one delicate point is that it requires your tender, loving hand-wash-only care, which keeps staining to a minimum. And yes, it's true that you'll pay a bit more for Hard Anodized Aluminum, but many find it's worth it.

Cookware Interior Materials


This is the interior for the health conscious. Nonstick allows cooking without any extra oils or fats, and food practically slides out of the pan and onto your plate! The finish maintains its effectiveness for the greatest length of time if you use plastic utensils and cook with medium heat. It's even dishwasher safe. If you want hassle-free cooking, you'll love nonstick!

Metal Safe Nonstick

This nonstick likes all metal utensils; except knives. That makes it more durable than standard nonstick. If you want to maintain its durability over a long period, cook with medium heat.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel will maintain its shiny beauty no matter how often-or how long-you use it. It's extremely scratch and chip free, and is dishwasher safe. You can cook any type of food in stainless steel cookware and never have to worry about a bad reaction. Try to avoid high heat levels and use nonstick cooking spray for easiest cleanup.

Bakeware Materials


Don't allow this metal's light weight to fool you: heavy gauge, uncoated aluminum is the preferred surface for bakers because of its consistent and even baking results. That's because raw aluminum is an excellent heat conductor that can handle the dishwasher, metal utensils and even pizza slicing on its surface. And of course, it's rust-free.

Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is the most common bakeware material because of its heavy weight and affordability. It's at its most durable and long lasting when both the interior and exterior is coated with nonstick, which limits rust. Plus it's dishwasher safe.


If you're tired of burnt cookies and disappointing baked goods, check out the AirBake insulated bakeware. Why? AirBake insulated bakeware comes with a no-burn guarantee! That's possible because it uses a layer of air that prevents the top sheet from overheating, and the bottom of your goodies from getting too brown. Our insulated bakeware also prevents cakes from doming in the center, and pizza crusts from becoming soggy. The aluminum construction ensures even-heating, rust-free bakeware that is dishwasher safe. Cleanup is a breeze and though it is dishwasher safe, avoid immersing or soaking it in water. It requires a slightly longer baking time than other bakeware, but with the optimum results you get, the wait is worth it.