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WearEver Pressure Cookers 

Pressure Cookers

Delicious food in a fraction of the time 


Food tastes delicious as the natural flavor of food is maintained. You can cut the cooking time of your favorite foods by as much as 70%, retain healthy nutrients that can be lost in conventional cooking and make mouth-watering meals with the WearEver Pressure Cookers.  There are three safety features on all models:  a reusable safety release plug, sure-locking lid system and side gasket pressure release.

Available Size:

  • 6 qt.
  • 8 qt.

Features and Benefits:

  • - Quick even heating
  • - Rust proof & dishwasher safe
  • - Polished heavy gauge aluminum construction
  • - Pressure monitoring device built into handle
  • - Locking handle safety feature prevents opening under pressure
  • - Includes overpressure release valve and gasket release window for safety
  • - Pressure control clearly identifies when proper pressure has been reached